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Gel Manicure
Classic Manicure
Cuticle are groomed and conditioned, as well as a hand arm massage with olive lotion, finishing with polish.
Green Tea Spa Manicure
All the benefits of classic manicure, but adding a high exfoliation with green tea sugar glow to condition hands leaving them silky soft, as well as a cooling mask treatment for your arms and then wrapped with a warm towels. Finishing with a hand massage with olive lotion for velvety smooth hand finishing with massage.
Anti-Aging Spa Manicure
For the ultimate hand spa treatment including shaping, buffing, cuticle detail, and an exfoliation with orange sugar glow for your hands and arms to condition them and leave them silky soft. Rhen indulge your hands with a collagen mask, keep the skin plump and radiant. Finish with an arm and hand massage with olive lotion for velvety smooth hands finishing with polish.
Pricess Pedicure (for ages 12 and under)
You are never too young to be pampered. The Princess Manicure includes all the benefit of a Classic Manicure.
Pricess Pedicure
includes cuticle detail, a light heel scrub, and a foot and lower leg massage, finish with polish.
Pedicure Spa
Pedicure Spa Pedicure
1-Pearl Spa Pedicure
Classic Manicure and Pearl Pedicure Combo

Balance your feet and relax from your sole up as your feet and lower legs are lower legs are soothed and stimulated by the spa pedicure. Includes cuticle detail, light heel scrub, feet and lower leg massage with cucumber lotion, and finishing with polish.
2-Citrus Spa Pedicure
Classic Manicure and Citrus Pedicure Combo

Basic Pedicure + Callus treatment, honey, sugar scrub, and essential oil for replenishing and moisturizing followed by a hot towel wrap.
3-Signiture Spa Pedicure
Classic Manicure and Signiture Pedicure Combo

Relieves body tension and mental stress, which helps for a better rights sleep, Ease your feet into an aromatic foot soak, cuticle detail (buffering to a healthy shine), fresh lime and citrus salt glow, exfoliating callus remover, a cooling mask treatment, and receive a deep tension massage with lavender oil as well as a warm towel warm.
4-Royal Spa Pedicure (Vegan Spa)
Classic Manicure and Royal Spa Pedicure Combo

Using Organic Products (pick from our selection of scents: cumcumber, tangerine, lavender,virgin olive, ocean refresh, green tea, jasmine, vitamin c, honey milk, aloe vera), indulge yourself with this luxurious pedicure, soak your feet in a dissolvable fragrance, along with a callus treatment, organicsensual rose sugar scrub, and sensual rose cream lotion for silky smooth skin and ultimate hydration. Including hot stone reflexology, this pedicure will heal your body and enhance your mind.
5-Jelly Spa Pedicure
Classic Manicure and Jelly Spa Pedicure Combo

Truly a unique spa experiencel; Jelly Pedicure tums water into a luxurious encasing comfort, which provides the ultimate relief for stress and aching muscles. Add jelly Pedi to warm water, and it becomes a translucent fluffy jelly, which will retain it's heat up to 4 times longer than regular water. Then, follow the routine nail care, including callus treatment, organic lavender sugar scrub, and a hot stone massage, with a sensation lavender oil, and our special lotion.
6-Diamond Spa Pedicure
Classic Manicure and Diamond Spa Pedicure Combo

A spa with a tingling bath containing Epsom salt, fresh lime slices, and a shot of tequila, which works to detoxify the feet. We then exfoliate and slough away dead skin with a lime sugar scrub. Lastly, hot stone are used to massage the feet, legs, hands, and arms). Your feet will indulge in warm paraffin treatment, which will soothe arthritis pain and muscle aches, heel drying, or damaged skin, and soften your cutcles, finished by pilish.
Signature Nail System
Signature Nail
SNS-New Set
SNS-Refill French
Artificial Nails
Artificial Nails
Acrylic Full Set
Acrylic Fill In
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Pink & White Full Set
Pink & White Fill In
Pink Fill In
Gel Full Set
Gel Fill In
Extra Service
Extra Service
Polish Change Hands
Polish Change Feet
Polish Change Hands French
Polish Change Feet French
Paraffin Treatment for hand & feet
Gel Polish Change Hand
Gel Polish Change Feet
Nail Design
Full Arms
Half Arms
Under Arms
Lower Legs
Full Legs
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