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 manicure  manicure

1. Classic Manicure$18

Cuticles are groomed and conditioned, as well as a hand arm massage with olive lotion, finishing with polish.

2. Green Tea Spa Manicure $30

All the benefits of a Classic Manicure, but adding a high exfoliation with green tea sugar glow to condition hands leaving them silky soft. A cooling mask treatment for your arms and then wrapped with warm towels, finishing with a hand massage with olive lotion for soft smooth hands. Finish with a massage.

3. Collagen Manicure$35

Nail trimming, shaping, cuticle grooming, collagen glove with honey sugar exfoliation. Lotion massage and hot towel wrap.

4. Anti-Aging Spa Manicure$40

Nail trimming, shaping, cuticie grooming, collagen glove with honey sugar exfoliatiusi. Lotion massage and hot towel wrap.
Add French for $5.

 pedicure  pedicure

1. Classic Spa Pedicure$33

Balance your feet and relax from your soles up as your feet and lower legs are soothed and stimulated by the spa pedicure. Includes cuticle detail, light heel scrub, feet and lower leg massage with cucumber lotion, finishing with polish.

2. Citrus Spa Pedicure$38

Basic Pedicure + callus treatment, honey sugar scrub, and essential oil for replenishing and moisturizing, followed by ahot towel wrap.

3. Signature Spa Pedicure $43

Relieves body tension and mental stress, which helps for a better night's sleep. Ease your feet into an aromatic foot soak, cuticle detail (buffering to a healthy shine), fresh lime and citrus salt glow, exfoliating callus remover, a cooling mask treat ment, and receive a deep tension massage with lavender oil, finishing off with a warm towel wrap.

4. Royal Spa Pedicure$48

Using Organic Products (pick from our selection of scents: cucumber, tangerine, lavender, virgin olive, ocean refresh, green tea, jasmine, vitamin c, honey milk, aloe vera), indulge yourself with this luxurious pedicure, soak your feet in a dissolvable fragrance, along with callus treatment, organic sensual rose sugar scrub, and sensual rose cream lotion for silky smooth skin and ultimate hydration. Including hot stone reflexology, this pedicure will heal your body and enhance your mind.

5. Jelly Spa Pedicure$53

Truly a unique spa experience; Jelly Pedicure turns water into a luxurious encasing comfort, which provides the ultimate relief for stress, and aching muscles. Add Jelly Pedi to warm water, and it will become a translucent fluffy jelly, which will retain its heat up to 4 times longer than regular water. Then, follow the routine nail care, including callus treatment, organic lavender sugar scrub, and a hot stone massage with a sensation of lavender oil and our special lotion.

6. Collagen Spa Pedicure$58

Smart spa is highly effective & luxurious. It is a relaxing aromatherapy 5-in-1 organic product and a free lotion gift for you to take home.

7. Detox Volcano Spa Pedicure$63

Volcano Spa Pedicure includes Detox Volcano Crystal to Prepare for a fun bubble explosion. This product soothes, moisturizes, and leaves your skin feeling hydrated all day. Finish with a 20-minute massage including hot stone.
Add French for $5.

Manicure Manicure

Regular Gel $35

Hard Gel $45

Regular Gel French $40

Hard Gel French $50

nails nails

Color w/ Natural Nail $40

Color w/ Tip Extention $45

French w/ Natural Nail $45

French wi Tip Extention $50

Color SNS w/ Soak Off $45

SNS with Manicure +$10


(Coffin, Almond, Stiletto)

Length +5 and up

nails nails

Regular Color Full Set $35

Regular Color Fill In $30

French Tip Full Set $40

French Tip Fill In $35

Color Gel Full Set $45

French Tip Gel Full Set $50

Color Gel Fill In $40

French Tip Gel Fill In $45

kids nails kid nails

Manicure $15

Pedicure $25

Manicure + Pedicure $38

Hand Polish Change $8

Feet Polish Change $10

nails nails

Hand Nail Cut Down $7

Toe Nail Cut Down $10

Regular Hand Polish Change $10

Regular Feet Polish Change $13

French Hand Polish Change $15

French Toe Polish Change $18

Gel Hand Polish Change $20

Gel Hand Polish Change w/ Soak Off $25

Gel Feet Polish Change $23

Gel Feet Polish Change w/ Soak Off $27

Acrylic Soak Off $10

Gel Soak Off $10

SNS Soak Off $10

Nail Design (Per Nail) $3

Paraffin $10

massage massage

Regular Cupping $20

Cupping w/ Massage (30 min) $35

Cupping w/ Massage (60 min) $70

massage massage

Neck, Shoulder, Feet Massage$1/min

Body Massage$70/hr

Eyebrow, Eyeliner, Lip Liner TattooAsk

Foot Reflexology, Hot Stone MassageAsk


Eyebrow $10

Upper Lip $7

Chin $10

Facial $35

Full Arm $40

Half Arm $28

Under Arm $25

Lower Legs $35

Full Legs $50

Bikini $35

Back $40+

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